Winter tale.

Greetings my dear Friends!
A new album “Heart of Ice” has reached the stage of mixing and mastering! So, very very soon it will be available in stores as digital release.

It will be most large-scale work of my career!

Few words about:
Heart of ice includes at least 1,5 hours of music.
It is beautiful, and may be even cute story based on folklore of northern people. The story begins when young soldier had been lost in the forest, while executing the mission. His way leads through the forgotten kingdom…

"Heart of Ice" announce

Hey everyone! Work on “Heart of Ice” is in process now. Before it released, I might say some words about it.
First of all, the “Heart” should be the same style as Wolfen Tales (fake-movie soundtrack).
New release will contain at least 1,5 hours of music, including orchestral themes, rock ballads, folk military marches and even more!!!

Stay in tune, Elias Frost.